viernes, 31 de octubre de 2008

DJ Quik - Born And Raised In Compton (The Greatest Hits)

When the history of West Coast hip-hop is written, some names will immediately make the list. You won’t be able to mention rap in California without hearing the names Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Ice-T and Snoop Dogg. However, the West Coast’s secret weapon, one of the most successful but most underrated entities in the state of California, hell, in all hip-hop, is DJ Quik. For over a decade and a half, the man born David Blake has served as MC, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist, making him one of the genre’s most well-rounded talents.
Over the course of a career that began in 1990, when he was a teenager, Quik has become a Gold and Platinum artist, with a slew of well-received albums, as well as outside productions and remixes for everyone from Tony Toni Tone to Talib Kweli to Whitney Houston. His smooth, synthesizer-based sound was a precursor to the “G-Funk” that Dr. Dre popularized in the mid-’90s. It could be argued that Quik is as responsible for the signature West Coast hip-hop sound as Dre (widely regarded as the greatest rap producer ever) is. The budget-priced Born & Raised in Compton is one of several Quik compilations flooding the market (I can think of at least three others), but it’s the most succinct, capturing all the hit singles with no filler in the bunch.
Although he repped L.A.’s notorious Bloods set (reportedly, the “C” was left out of his stage name to avoid any kind of affiliation with the rival Crips), Quik’s endorsement of set-tripping was minimal, and there is little to none of the violence we normally associate with gangsta rap in his lyrics. Much like NWA’s landmark “Straight Outta Compton”, Quik took more of the “street reporter” approach. “Born & Raised in Compton”, Quik’s first single, is indicative of this. It was like a guided tour for those who didn’t have access to Cali’s mean streets.
Quik knew about at least two things more important to him: partying and booty. “Tonite” was the track that really set it off for Quik (it was the first song I, as a New Yorker, ever remember hearing of his). As a keyboard and vocoder-enhanced tale of a night in which Quik partied just a little too hard, this set the tone for much of his work. The lyrics were hard enough for the thugs, but the grooves were smooth enough that even your Blue Magic-loving grandma could groove to the beat—as long as she could stand the swearing. This was the track that propelled Quik to the A-list and set the tone for mean muggin’ West Coast MCs to smile once in a while.

1. Born and Raised in Compton
2. Quik Is the Name
3. Tonite
4. Loked Out Hood
5. Way 2 Fonky
6. Jus Lyke Compton
7. Dollaz + Sense
8. Summer Breeze
9. Hand in Hand - (with 2nd II None)
10. Down, Down, Down - (with Suga Free/Mausberg/AMG)
11. You'z a Ganxta
12. Pitch You in on a Party
13. U Ain't Fresh - (with Erick Sermon/Ham)
14. Do I Love Her? - (with Suga Free)

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DJ Quik - Tonite

lunes, 27 de octubre de 2008

Latino Velvet - Clique

Jay Tee & Baby Bash created Latino Velvet in the Summer of 1996 while sitting in a parking lot of a San Jose Nightclub. After getting so much love that night from the Latino community after doing a show, they decided to put together a group that focused on making music that would be felt strongest in the Latin communities. This is the album that some claim is the greatest Latin Rap album ever. Jay Tee & Baby Bash gathered up all of the heavyweights on this album and came with a classic.

1. Experience, The - (featuring Frost)
2. West Coast Radio - (featuring Cisco)
3. Brand Nu Playa - (featuring N2DEEP)
4. Come Take a Ride - (featuring Mac Dre)
5. Die on My Feet - (featuring Frost/O Genius/Mellow Man Ace/ODM)
6. Game Tight - (featuring Celly Cel)
7. Raza Park - (featuring Kid Frost/Roger Troutman/Cisco)
8. Head Above Water - (featuring Frost)
9. Good Perkin'
10. Dolla' Signs - (featuring Merciless)
11. Threesome - (featuring PSD/Mac Lee)
12. Buzzin' - (featuring Levitti)
13. What You Do - (featuring ODM)
14. Livin' a Dream
15. Club Hoppin'
16. If You Let Me - (featuring Levitti/Down For Brown)
17. Raza Park - (remix)

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Latino Velvet - Buzzin

viernes, 24 de octubre de 2008

Devin The Dude - Hi Life

Hitting the Hi Life with Devin the Dude ! Known more for blunts and beer than bullets and bling, Devin the Dude has kept a smile on Hip Hop’s face while most of his peers have opted for a menacing scowl. Possessing the rare ability to inject humor, sex and substance in each of his rhymes, Devin has carved his own unique niche in Rap music, becoming everybody’s favorite guilty pleasure in the process.

1. Bad Company
2. Comin’ Back
3. Gettin’ Crazy - 14K, Devin the Dude
4. Come On - Devin the Dude, Mo Lew
5. Don’t Stop
6. Everyda - Devin the Dude, KB
7. Get High
8. Lil Mary Juana
9. My Occupation - Bushwick Bill, Devin the Dude
10. Run - Devin the Dude, Gar
11. Where Can We Go
12. 17 Holes - Coughee Brothaz, Devin the Dude

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Devin The Dude - Come On Let's Ride

La Etnnia - Stress, Dolor & Adrenalina

El disco contiene 14 cortes, con producciones oscuras y minimalistas, donde predomina la angustia, con tempos predominantemente lentos, donde en ocasiones hay arreglos clásicos (cuerdas, órganos, etc…) y que en más de un tema recuerdan ligeramente a Cypress Hill. Las letras en su mayoría hablan sobre la dureza de las calles en Colombia, el odio, el mantenerse alerta, la maldad, la traición, la dificultad para sobrevivir, para salir de un entorno que atrapa y que casi nunca muestra una luz de esperanza. Sin embargo también tiene algún pequeño hueco para el egotrip, con detalles en algunas canciones y metiéndose de lleno en la canción "ETNNIA Squadra". En cuanto a la rima, su interpretación es templada, sin grandes alardes vocales ni gran velocidad, notándose ligeramente el acento colombiano y siempre mostrando convicción y credibilidad. En referencia a las letras, aparte del retrato de la cruel y violenta realidad en la que viven, destacan los momentos en que utilizan metáforas, como "En el ruedo", donde una letras de aires taurinos explican la dificultad para sobrevivir. En definitiva, "stress, dolor y adrenalina", es una muestra interesante del Hip Hop que se cuece en Sudamérica y que además supone una buena forma de ver cómo se vive en los barrios de Colombia.

La Saga
En El Ruedo
Skit (Billar)
El Gran Fiazco
Entre Barrotes y Azar II
Conección Colombo Ft. Rocca & PNO
Alto Calibre 09 Skit (Live)
Etnnia Escuadra
1, 2, 3
Fuckin' Ruta
Skit (Laberinto)
El Laberinto

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La Etnnia - Alto Calibre

miércoles, 22 de octubre de 2008

Devin The Dude - Landing Gear

The saying goes, “What goes up, must come down”. But what if you’re Houston’s most blunted rapper, Devin the Dude? With the release of his fifth solo album, Landing Gear, it’s clear that he’s still drinkin’, still smokin’, and still goin’ strong after more than a decade in the game.

For fans of the Dude, the album is like picking up from your most trusted dealer. He delivers the same solid product fans have grown to love. An album that blends elements of schoolboy humor with grown man sensitivity to address the all too important issues of life: weed, liquor and hoes. However, this might be the first album that fails to convert first time listeners into addicts of the style.

Anyone can see how Devin has the ability to take tired subjects and make them fresh with his quirky sense of humor and signature everyman honesty. But those who don’t know what he’s about and haven’t heard his previous albums just might not get it. Couple that with a few uninspired beats and you’re bound to get a mixed response.

Don’t get it twisted though. Some of the album is undeniable. The first single, “Can’t Make it Home” is a narrative about getting arrested for a DUI. He pokes fun at himself by creating worst-case scenarios, classic Devin humor. The hook is catchy and it’s enough to make the designated driver want to sing about swerving.

The Salsa inspired guitar strings on “El Grande Nalgas” provide the perfect melody for Devin to croon about fat booty (the song’s translation). The chemistry on “I Don’t Chase ‘Em” makes you wonder why Devin and Snoop Dogg haven’t collaborated for a full length album, as their weed tinged flows and content perfectly complement each other. Devin even adds a few sober notes on the album without sounding preachy like on “Yo Mind”, urging the listener to utilize potential before they “throw it all away.”

Landing Gear isn’t the greatest work to date from your high-ness but it will satisfy his fan base and provide enough to make for a pleasant first flight.

Title Composer Time
1 In My Draws 4:24
2 I Can't Make It Home 3:37
3 Thinkin' Boutchu 3:33
4 Let Me Know It's Real 4:20
5 Grande Nalgas 3:14
6 Me, You Towns, 3:57
7 Highway 3:16
8 I Don't Chase 'Em 4:38
9 Yo Mind Tally, 3:10
10 I Need a Song 4:20
11 Your Kinda Love 4:01
12 Stray 4:34

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Devin The Dude - I Don't Chase 'Em

La Etnnia - Real

Real", es el cuarto trabajo discográfico, para el que han contado con algunos invitados de auténtico lujo, como es el caso de Domingo Padilla (productor entre otros de KRS One y Big Punisher), Full Nelson o Tomorrowz Weaponz. Además, el disco ha sido masterizado en los estudio Sterling Sound de Nueva York; toda una producción de auténtico nivel internacional que esperamos que pronto pueda llegar a los países de europeos y latinoamericanos, y que cuente con la suficiente difusión entre la programación de las radios locales, solo que entre tantos Juanes y reggaetones no sabremos si algún día esta música dejará de ser underground, solo sabemos que este género pide a gritos salir por la puerta delantera con bombos y platillos.Las letras de este nuevo trabajo no solo hablan sobre la realidad colombiana, tienen un ingrediente latinoamericano muy importante. Esperan con este trabajo posicionarse en países como Ecuador, Bolivia, Perú y México, donde han presentado su anterior trabajo "Stress, dolor & adrenalina". Siguen haciendo aquellas letras que hablan sobre lo que pasa en las calles, solo que ahora cuentan con la colaboración de Tres Coronas (5-27 Records) y Full Nelson (LAH Entertainment). Con este nuevo CD se demuestra que en Colombia tenemos talento para el hip-hop de sobra y que ahora es el momento de buscar nuevos seguidores para esta clase de música. El pasado festival Rap al parque fue una clara demostración del poder que tienen las líricas y las rimas sobre los jóvenes de las ciudades. Todo un estilo de vida que no trae a la mente otra cosa que buena energía.

01 Donde Sea
02 Skit 1
03 La Furia
04 Como Es
05 Contrato En El Exterior
06 Skit 2
07 Real
08 Malvado Instinto
09 Skit 3
10 $ucio
11 Kronikalles
12 Hip-Hop
13 Skit 4
14 De La Cuna Al Ataud
15 Una Noche
16 Skit 5
17 Mafia Latina
18 Real Ganga

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La Etnnia - Real

La Etnnia - Criminologia

Fábrica de canciones decididas, firmes y gruesas (difíciles para oídos convencionales raptados por la música desechable), “Criminología” tiene el tipo de rap que, según la revista Newsweek, está llamado a devolverle todo el valor informativo al hip hop y todo el peso político. Este disco permitió que La Etnnia floreciera a un lado de la industria discográfica, manteniéndose fiel a sus instintos de supervivencia y poniendo en juego sus propias normas y reglas hasta la necedad misma. “Criminología” demuestra convicción y credibilidad y habla sobre la dureza de unas calles que casi nunca muestran una luz de esperanza.

Criminología (intro)
La bolsa
Intocable (intro)
El intocable
La velocidad
Crimen y castigo
Peones del suburbio
$$$$$... (intro)
Me gusta el $$$$$
Ley vs hampa
La Etnnia
Emigrante latino

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La Etnnia - Me Gusta El $$$$$

T.I. - Paper Trail

After a year on lock-down for illegal machine gun possession, the self-proclaimed king of the south channels his personal strife into his introspective sixth studio album, PAPER TRAIL. The title stems from T.I.'s decision to return to writing ... Full Descriptionhis rhymes down on paper; the lyrical craftsmanship shows as the ATL icon delves into personal issues--speaking on his legal troubles ("Ready For Whatever"), his prison experience ("You Ain't Missing Nothing"), and his fallen homies ("Dead and Gone"). T.I. also collaborates with former rival Ludacris for the grandiose "On Top of the World," speaks on the cannibalistic relationship between rappers' personal lives and their art on "My Life Your Entertainment," and joins Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Lil Wayne for the bombastic posse cut "Swagga Like Us." Production comes courtesy of Drumma Boy, DJ Toomp, Rob Knox, Jim Jonsin, Just Blaze, and Swizz Beatz, among others.

1. 56 Bars (Intro)
2. I'm Illy
3. Ready For Whatever
4. On Top Of The World - (featuring B.O.B./Ludacris)
5. Live Your Life - (featuring Rihanna)
6. Whatever You Like
7. No Matter What
8. My Life Your Entertainment - (featuring Usher)
9. Porn Star
10. Swing Ya Rag - (featuring Swizz Beatz)
11. What Up, What's Haapnin'
12. Every Chance I Get
13. Swagga Like Us - (with Jay-Z, featuring Kanye West/Lil Wayne)
14. Slide Show - (featuring John Legend)
15. You Ain't Missin' Nothing
16. Dead And Gone - (featuring Justin Timberlake)

download link:

T.I. - No Matter What

viernes, 17 de octubre de 2008

Gotas de Rap - Revolucion

Uno de los mejores grupos colombianos de rap formado en Bogota. En este trabajo cuentan con una produccion en su punto al igual que las letras, este CD no creo que este todavia disponible a la venta asi que es una oportunidad unica de tener uno de los mejores CD's de rap que haya salido de Colombia.

03.Contra El Muro
04.Intro Tombos
07.Ghetto Boy 1
11.Nadie Es Eterno
12.Ghetto Boy 2
14.Sin Escape
17.En La Casa
18.Puta Madre
19.Mama Mariguana
20.Proximo Fuego
21.Jesus El Cristo

download link:

Gotas de Rap - Ghetto Boy (Live)

Dilated Peoples - Expansion Team

With its sophomore release the hip-hop trio Dilated Peoples expands its repertoire and adds guests such as East Coast-based DJ Premier and Public Enemy cohort Harry Allen. The socially conscious lyrics are a cut above the usual gangsta stylings, revealing a thoughtful worldview that, though it may be inspired by the ingestion of certain controlled substances, is none the less compelling for that.

Though they originate from the hip-hop community, Dilated Peoples have a lot in common with '70s Jamaican stars such as Prince Far I and Max Romeo, in that it's not just the ganja talking here--these cuts are coherent and thought-provoking. They cover international finance in "Trade Money," international conflict in "War," and strife closer to home in the ghetto-flavored "Panic," never descending to the guns 'n' hoes imagery of some of their contemporaries, bringing dignity to the party, along with some dirty, funked-up beats.

1. Live on Stage
2. Worst Comes to Worst
3. Clockwork
4. Trade Money
5. Heavy Rotation - (featuring Tha Liks)
6. Self Defense
7. Phil da Agony Interlude
8. Proper Propaganda
9. Dilated Junkies - (featuring J-Rocc/Rhettmatic/Melo-D)
10. Panic
11. Pay Attention
12. Night Life
13. War
14. Hard Hitters - (featuring Black Thought)
15. Defari Interlude
16. Expansion Team Theme

download link:

Dilated Peoples - Worst Comes To Worst

Do or Die - Picture This

While the East and West coasts battle loudly for so-called hip-hop supremacy, the Midwest and the South are quietly emerging as new hotbeds of hip-hop talent. One non-coastal that has defined a sound of its own is Chicago, home to Common Sense, Da Brat and Crucial Conflict, and now Do Or Die, which debuts with the very funk-oriented PICTURE THIS.

Do Or Die's lyrics concentrate on the usual gangsta subjects of pimpin' and hustlin'. But the music, built on slow, bass-and-keyboard-heavy tracks, is as much funkster music as it is gangster music. The sound is not unlike that on the Geto Boys early albums. A guest appearance by Tung Twista, the world's fastest rapper, adds extra flavor to the relatively laid-back grooves of "Po Pimp," "Paperchase" and "Money Flow."

Recorded at Creator's Way Studios, Chicago, Illinois and Lil J Studio, Houston, Texas.

1. Alpha and Omega
2. Shut 'Em Down
3. Po Pimp - (featuring Tung Twista/Johnny P)
4. Kill or Be Killed
5. Paperchase - (featuring Tung Twista)
6. Playa Like Me and You - (featuring Johnny P)
7. Promise
8. 6 Million
9. Search Warrant
10. Anotha One Dead and Gone
11. Money Flow - (featuring Tung Twista)

download link:

Do or Die - Po Pimp

Devin The Dude - To Tha X-Treme

Making good on the "dude" part of his name, the good-natured rapper Devin the Dude eases through a fun and relaxed set of songs on TO THA X-TREME. A laid-back vibe (at least partially due to some serious smoke inhalation) pervades the album, ... Full Descriptionmaking it a welcome change of pace from more gruff, heavier hip-hop. Devin hilariously introduces the disc on "Devin's Medley," and then slides into the smooth, electronic-tinged title track. Other highlights include the dreamy "Right Now," which boasts a gentle acoustic guitar line and light percussion, and the entertaining stoner-meets-cop tale of "Go Fight Some Other Crime." By mixing deft pop melodies with tight rap beats and clever rhymes, Devin has crafted one of 2004's most enjoyable hip-hop records.

1. Devin's Medley
2. To Tha X-Treme
3. Cooter Brown
4. What?
5. Freak
6. Right Now
7. Too Cute - (featuring Erica Marion)
8. Don't Go
9. Come on & Come
10. Go Fight Some Other Crime
11. Briarpatch
12. She Was Gone
13. Anythang
14. Tha Funk - (featuring 8Ball)
15. Motha
16. Party - (featuring KB/Man Child)
17. Unity

download link:

Devin The Dude - Anythang

DJ U-Neek - Ghetto Street Pharmacist

As the producer of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, DJ U-Neek established himself as a savvy hip-hop mastermind, able to balance commercial sensibilities with a street attitude. This was most evident on Bone Thugs' 1995 album, E 1999 Eternal, which boasted "Crossroads." It took DJ U-Neek four years to break out on his own with Ghetto Street Pharmacist, a record that confirms his producing skills yet sounds a little dated. Like many albums by producers, it showcases style over content, trying a few too many things at once. Since U-Neek doesn't rap, he has an ever-rotating cast of guest artists taking the mic, concentrating on artists he's developing. He doesn't really give these rappers their own sound, so thankfully they distinguish themselves with their rhyming styles, most of which are pretty good. At its best, Ghetto Street Pharmacist plays like a good mixtape, one where the music flows naturally from one song to the next. Still, it's curiously underwhelming as a whole. If anything, U-Neek doesn't try enough different styles, sticking a little too close to the pop-flavored hardcore of Bone Thugs, which sounds outdated in 1999. When he shake things up, though, his true skills shine through. He does shake things up often enough to keep Ghetto Street Pharmacist interesting, but not quite enough to keep it constantly compelling.

Ghetto Street Pharmacy - (Intro)
"On the Run" (featuring Dresta The Gangsta and Cold 187um)
We Come To Serve 'Em - (featuring The Kingpin Family)
California Streets - (featuring L-Jay)
Bring It On - (featuring Jagg)
Now That I'm Over You - (featuring Big Gemini (rapper))
Woe Is I - (featuring Dekumpozed)
Real Ones, The - (featuring Big Bone/Big Lurch)
Blaze - (featuring E.W.F./Sneek)
Doctor, Doctor - (featuring Gemini & Bizzy Bone)
Murda Murda - (featuring Layzie Bone/Lethol/L-Jay)
Ain't No Love - (featuring Big Chan/Squeak RU/Sheeba Black)
What Must I Do - (featuring Jaz/NytOwl)
On Deck - (featuring NytOwl)
Eastsider - (featuring Maneski)
I Want Cha Lovin' - (featuring Lei Callaway/Topp Notch/E.W.F.)
Keep Servin' Em - (with DJ Uneek & The KingPin Familiy)
Hard - (with DJ Uneek)
We Come To Serve 'Em - (remix, featuring The Kingpin Family/Krayzie Bone/Gemini/E.W.F./NytOwl/L-J

download link:

DJ U-Neek - Doctor, Doctor

martes, 14 de octubre de 2008

Mo Thugs - Family Scriptures

MO THUGS Mo Thugs Family Scriptures (Mo Thugs/Relativity) Bone Thugs-N-Harmony are taking over hip-hop via...Cleveland, and Family Scriptures proves they've got the right to rule. While Bone Thugs members make cameos, this compilation primarily showcases novice acts -- who are often just as talented -- taping their mentors' rapid rhymes of spiritual retribution. Best of all: the uncharacteristically textured production, featuring mournful wah-wah guitar and wailing sax that powerfully echo the lyrics' inner-city blues.

1. Intro
2. Searchin' 4 Peace - (with Poetic Hustla'z)
3. Ghetto Bluez - (with II Tru/Layzie Bone)
4. Killing Fields - (with Graveyard Shift)
5. Mo' Murder - (with Krayzie Bone)
6. Ain't No Reason - (with Ken Dawg)
7. Take Your Time - (with Tre/Krayzie Bone)
8. Welcome to My World - (with II Tru/Ken Dawg)
9. Thug Devotion - (featuring Layzie Bone/Krayzie Bone/Tre/Ken Dawg/Souljah Boy)
10. Here With Me - (with Tre)
11. Playa in Me - (with Ken Dawg)
12. No Pretender - (featuring Jhaz/Tombstone/Boogy Nikke/Krayzie Bone)
13. Rumors & War - (with Graveyard Shift/Flesh-N-Bone)
14. II Tru - (with II Tru)
15. Low Down - (with Souljah Boy/Krayzie Bone)
16. Family Scriptures - (featuring Graveyard Shift/Poetic Hustla'z/II Tru/Ken Dawg/Souljah Boy/Flesh-...

download link:

Mo Thugs - Thug Devotion

DJ Drama - Gangsta Grillz: The Album

In the same year that he and label-mate Don Cannon became fall guys for the mixtape hustle, DJ Drama dropped his first official album under the GANGSTA GRILLZ moniker. Bringing together MCs and producers representing all coasts and virtually ... Full Descriptionall hip-hop subgenres, GANGSTA GRILLZ: THE ALBUM features contributions from Busta Rhymes, T.I., Lil Jon, Chamillionaire, Diddy, Young Jeezy, La the Darkman, the Clipse, Pharrell Williams, Jadakiss, Tony Yayo, Jim Jones, Slim Thug, Eightball & MJG, Outkast, and Nelly, among many, many others.

1. Setup, The
2. Gangsta Grillz - (with Lil Jon)
3. Takin Pictures - (with Rick Ross/Young Buck/T.I./Young Jeezy/Jim Jones/Willie the Kid)
4. Keep It Gangsta - (with Yo Gotti/Lil' Boosie/Webbie)
5. Cannon RMX - (with Lil Wayne/T.I./Freeway/Willie the Kid)
6. Makin Money Smokin - (with LA The Darkman/Willie the Kid)
7. 5000 Ones - (with Nelly/Twista/Diddy/T.I./Young Jeezy/Yung Joc/Willie the Kid)
8. Art of Storytelling, The - (Pt.4, with Outkast/Marsha Ambrosius)
9. Katt Williams Interlude
10. 187 - (with Eightball/MJG/Project Pat/BG)
11. Mad DJ, The
12. Beneath the Diamonds - (with Twista/LA The Darkman/Devin The Dude/Mr. Porter)
13. Talk About Me - (with Young Buck/Lloyd Banks/Tony Yayo)
14. No More - (with Lloyd/T.I./Willie the Kid)
15. Diddy Interlude
16. Throw Ya Sets Up - (with Jadakiss/LA The Darkman/Yung Joc/Willie the Kid)
17. Aye - (with Young Dro/Big Kuntry King)
18. Grillz Gleamin - (with Diamond/Lil Scrappy/The BME Click/Princess Of Crime Mob)
19. Gettin Money - (with Slim Thug/Paul Wall/Lil' KeKe/Killa Kyleon)
20. Outro
21. Cheers - (with The Clipse/Pharrell)

download link:

DJ Drama - 5000 ones

jueves, 9 de octubre de 2008

Devin The Dude - Waitin' To Inhale

Florida-born but repping H-Town, Devin the Dude has garnered accolades and admiration from diverse corners of the hip-hop world--from Dr. Dre to Scarface to DJ Hi-Tek--for his unique brand of smoothed-out Dirty South funk. On his fourth solo ... Full Descriptionlong-player, WAITIN' TO INHALE, Devin continues to do his thing, with that same molasses-thick production full of tight piano and synthesizer-heavy samples, as well as his trademark comically perverse lyrics. The subject matter hasn't changed at all as the Dude once again produces a potent sex-obsessed, smoke-filled, liquor-drenched masterpiece. Snoop, Andre 3000, Lil Wayne, Bun B, and Devin's crew the Odd Squad make guest appearances.

1. Boom I
2. She Wants That Money - (with ODD Squad)
3. Almighty Dollar
4. I Hope I Don't Get Sick-a-This
5. What a Job - (with Snoop Dogg/Andre 3000)
6. Broccoli & Cheese
7. Boom II
8. She Useta Be
9. Lil' Girl Gone - (with Lil Wayne/Bun B)
10. No Longer Needed Here
11. Just Because
12. Don't Wanna Be Alone
13. Somebody Else's Wife - (with 14K)
14. Boom III
15. Cutcha' Up
16. Nothin' to Roll With
17. Til It's All Gone - (with ODD Squad)

download link:

Devin The Dude - Cutcha' Up

Devin - The Dude

Here to lay his playa game down on the world of hip hop, Devin, who hails from the west (Houston, Texas to be exact), sets it off with THE DUDE. And anyone who is a fan of that good old fashion southernplayilistic sound will be wise to pick ... Full Descriptionit up. This album, which contains seventeen tracks, benefits extensively from some intoxicating laid-back beats and high profile guest appearances by veterans Scarface and Spice 1.

1. Dude, The
2. Sticky Green - (featuring Scarface)
3. Don't Wait - (featuring DMG/Spice 1)
4. Do Whatcha Wanna Do
5. Mo Fa Me
6. Alright - (featuring Randy-Ran)
7. Bust One Fa Ya
8. See What I Can Pull
9. Write & Wrong
10. One Day at a Time - (featuring K-Dee/K.B.)
11. Boo Boo'n
12. Like a Sweet - (featuring Scarface/Jugg Mugg/Killemall/Ant Live)
13. Show 'Em - (featuring K.B.)
14. Ligole Bips (Southern Girls) - (featuring ODD Squad/K.B.)
15. Can't Change Me - (featuring K-Dee/K.B.)
16. I Can't Quit
17. Georgy - (featuring Kuirshan)

download link:

Devin - Mo Fa Me (Live In Amsterdam)

Devin The Dude - Just Tryin' To Live

On JUST TRYIN' TA LIVE, Devin the Dude presents himself as a streetwise hip-hop artist who's got enough pop smarts to make his music accessible to the general public, but enough credibility to keep things on the real side. Though JUST TRYIN' ... Full DescriptionTA LIVE is laced with infectious production touches, crips, hard-hitting beats, and visceral synth hooks, the main attraction, quite rightly, is Devin's rhyming skills. Without belaboring his points, he manages to get them across with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of skill.

1. Zeldar
2. It's a Shame - (featuring Pooh Bear)
3. R & B
4. Lacville 79
5. I-Hi
6. Who's That Man, Moma
7. Some of Em - (featuring Xzibit/Nas)
8. Go Somewhere
9. Whatever
10. Would Ya?
11. Doobie Ashtray
12. Just a Man - (featuring Raphael Saadiq)
13. Fa Sho - (featuring ODD Squad)
14. WXYZ
15. Tough Love
16. Just Tryin' Ta Live - (featuring ODD Squad)

download link:

Devin The Dude - Lacville '79

Cunninlynguists - Dirty Acres

In the eyes of most hip hop purists, the South has been slowly eliminating its own validity within this genre. Mainstream media has embraced the Southern hip hop subculture as long as its artists don’t stray from the typical formula of money, misogyny, and materialism. Leave it up to this Kentucky-based trio to deviate from standard protocol and shatter all stereotypes associated with hip hop originating from the dirty south. Producer Kno and MCs Deacon the Villain and Natti—collectively known as the CunninLynguists—drop a worthy contender for this year’s best album. If you are familiar with the CunninLynguists’ body of work, you’ll know that they’ve been consistently dropping solid material. While the group’s style has changed significantly since their debut album, they have been able to please listeners with each successive release. Fans hoping for the group to return to the same carefree, fun-loving style that was abundant on their early releases will have to keep wishing. This album isn’t akin to previous work such as Will Rap for Food or SouthernUnderground. Instead, it traverses the same path as A Piece of Strange, which stood out as one of 2006’s best releases. Kno’s lush, sample-heavy production is fused with live instrumentation to create a dark and moody atmosphere that provides a perfect compliment to Deacon and Natti’s conscious verses and austere subject-matter. The guest appearances by Dungeon Family members Big Rube and Witchdoctor are fitting because this CD plays like something from the bygone era when the South was synonymous with groups such as OutKast and Goodie Mob. Aside from the two previously mentioned artists, Phonte from Little Brother, Devin the Dude, Sheisty Khrist, Club Dub, and Jazz artist Chizuko Yoshihiro all make contributions to the album. The featured artists only elevate the quality of this album, and do nothing to detract from the verbal proficiency of Deacon and Natti. The lyrical content of Dirty Acres actually has substance—a quality that is noticeably absent from a majority of hip hop coming from the same area. The group addresses the harsh living conditions that burden their Southern brethren amidst the organ loop, funky guitar licks, and soulful bass lines of the title track. Contemporary issues such as corrupt police (“Gun”), female exploitation (“Dance for Me”), and racism (“Georgia”) are all tackled on this album. Kno raises the tempo on “K.K.K.Y.”—an ode to their home base. Deacon and Natti ride the piano-laden beat of this Kentucky anthem while an eerie vocal sample croons in the background. The song is followed by one of the albums strongest cuts as Devin the Dude lends his vocals to “Wonderful.” Don’t get it twisted, this isn’t another cliché song about ladies. The group is able to keep the topic fresh without degrading the opposite sex. Kno manages to avoid sounding trite while employing a sped-up vocal sample and R&B hook. The whole CD is enjoyable from start to finish. After numerous listens, this album is able to avoid sounding mundane. Even the two well-placed interludes help the listener transition into the next song, rather than serving as filler. The biggest disappointment associated with this album is the fact that it will most likely fail to garner as much acclaim and mainstream acceptability as the next Young Jeezy or Lil Wayne release.

1. Never - (with Big Rube)
2. Valley of Death
3. Dirty Acres
4. Kentucky (Interlude)
5. K.K.K.Y
6. Wonderful - (with Devin The Dude)
7. Yellow Lines - (with Witchdoctor/Phonte Coleman)
8. Park, The - (with Chizuko Yoshihiro)
9. Summers Gone
10. They Call Me (Interlude)
11. Gun - (with Sheisty Khrist)
12. Dance For Me
13. Georgia
14. Things I Dream
15. Mexico - (with Club Dub)

download link:

Cunninlynguists - K.K.K.Y.

Chrome - Straight To The Pros

One of the best albums I've heard from a solo artist of the Hypnotize Camp, a must have CD if you are a three 6 mafia "head". GET IT!!

1. So Fresh
2. Bussem Up
3. Money for Crack
4. I Learned Ft. Boogie Mane
5. Inhale
6. Money by da Bags
7. 1G Oz
8. Straight to da Pros
9. Quarter Key
10. Classic Chick
11. Get They Ass Kick Ft. Lil Scrappy & Lil Wyte
12. I Smoke Weed Ft. Crunchy Black & Boogie Mane
13. 23 and 1
14. What Cha Need Ft. Frayser Boy
15. This Is My Life
16. If We Was Cool
17. Gutta Mane
18. H.C.P.
19. Outro

download link:

Chrome - So Fresh

Chamillionaire - Ultimate Victory

Two years after his multi-platinum smash debut, THE SOUND OF REVENGE, Chamillionaire comes back stronger than ever on his sophomore release, ULTIMATE VICTORY. Fueled by a fresh batch of outrage, Cham focuses on politics and the darker side of ... Full Descriptionsuccess--screaming on underhanded gold diggers ("Industry Groupie") and shady former friends ("The Bill Collecta"); lamenting the rap industry's pervasive materialism ("I Think I Love You"); attacking a racist media culture in general and Bill O'Reilly in particular ("The Morning News," "The Evening News"); and examining a different kind of police profiling ("Hip Hop Police"). The Mixtape Messiah manages to put together some highly challenging hip-hop while keeping his lyrics squeaky-clean. Featuring a cohesively moody production sound that's heavy on seething synths and fevered drum tracks, ULTIMATE VICTORY is a compelling listen from start to finish. Beats come courtesy of Jonathan Rothem, Happy Perez, the Beat Bullies, the Runners, Kane Beatz, Dave M.G., and Play-N-Skillz, and Chops. Lil Wayne, Bun B, Krayzie Bone, Pimp C, Devin the Dude, and Slick Rick make up the guest-list.

1. Morning News, The
2. Hip Hop Police - (with Slick Rick)
3. Standing Ovation
4. Won't Let You Down
5. Industry Groupie
6. Pimp Mode - (with Bun B)
7. Rock Star - (with Lil Wayne)
8. Skit
9. Bill Collecta, The - (with Krayzie Bone)
10. Ultimate Vacation, The
11. Come Back to the Streets
12. I Think I Love You
13. Evening News, The
14. Welcome to the South - (with Pimp C)
15. You Must Be Crazy - (with Lil Ken)
16. We Breaking Up
17. Stuck in the Ghetto (Skit) - (with Tony Henry)
18. Rocky Road - (with Devin The Dude)
19. Ultimate Victory, The

download link:

Chamillionaire - Hip Hop Police

Chamillionaire - Mixtape Messiah Pt. 3

The Chamillinator has returned once again with the highly anticipated " Mixtape Messiah 3. " With 22 mind blowing tracks (Including the skit) on this mixtape, Chamillionaire continues to drop flames & pleasing fans World Wide. Having a new album still in the works & be releasing in a few months (Name still unknown), Fans are already expecting this album to hit the top of the charts. Mixtape Messiah 3 is pretty dope in my opinion. It was rather worth the long wait. Anyways, It's probably one of the best mixtapes I've heard in a while. Flow, Lyrics, Beats & everything was delivered well. An overall dope mixtape. Cop it !!

1. Get Ya Burners Out
2. Money Already Made
3. Get on my level
4. Livin good
5. Its just pain
6. The call
7. Nothin but Lies
8. Ima playa fasho
9. Roy Woods Jr. Skit
10. Failures Not an Option
11. Got a lot of options
12. See it in my eyes
13 Don't hurt em hammer
14. Roy wood Jr. Skit
15. Its on
16.You a dummy
17. Chamillionaire Speaks
18. Mo Scrilla
19. The Crowd goes wild
20. Makes me Stronger
21. Chamillionaire speaks
22. Famous ft. Chamillionaire Rain

download link:

Chamillionaire - It's Just Pain

Three 6 Mafia - Last 2 Walk

With the group's ranks whittled down to two after Crunchy Black's departure, Three 6 Mafia returns with the highly-anticipated studio album LAST 2 WALK. MC/producers Juicy J and DJ Paul continue to lace feverish drum tracks and spine-tingling ... Full Descriptionsynthesizer arrangements with rugged Dirty South rhymes, boasting of their Hollywood success on the powerful album-opener "I Told `Em," and the bouncy strip-club anthem "Lolli Lolli (Pop That Body)." LAST 2 WALK also has its share of odes to the thug life ("Corner Man," "Hood Star"), love letters to substance abuse ("Weed, Blow, Pills," "Rollin'"), and stick-em-up joints ("Get Ya Rob," "Click Bang"). 8Ball & MJG stop by for the furious Memphis posse cut "First 48," while UGK (including the late Pimp C, who also appears on "I Got") are on hand to cleverly rework their classic "Pocket Full of Stones" with J and Paul on "On Some Chrome." Akon, Good Charlotte, DJ UNK, Project Pat, Lil Wyte, and Lyfe Jennings round out the eclectic guestlist.

1. Intro
2. I Told 'Em
3. Trap Boom - (featuring Project Pat)
4. Playstation
5. I Got - (featuring Pimp C/Project Pat)
6. I'd Rather - (featuring UNK)
7. That's Right - (featuring Akon)
8. Corner Man
9. Weed, Blow, Pills
10. DSX Talk
11. Hood Star - (featuring Lyfe Jennings)
12. Get Ya Rob - (featuring Project Pat)
13. On Some Chrome - (featuring UGK)
14. Rollin' - (featuring Lil Wyte)
15. Click Bang
16. My Own Way
17. Dirty B**ch - (featuring Project Pat)
18. First 48 - (featuring Eightball/Al Kapone/MJG/Project Pat/Spanish Fly)
19. Outro
20. Lolli Lolli (Pop That Body) Intro [Bonus Track]
21. Lolli Lolli (Pop That Body) [Bonus Track] - (featuring Project Pat/Superpower/Young D)
22. My Own Way [Remix] [Bonus Track] - (remix, featuring Good Charlotte)

download link:

Three 6 Mafia - I'd Reather

miércoles, 8 de octubre de 2008

Bun B - Trill

With his debut solo release, TRILL, Bun-B proves that he doesn't need his UGK partner Pimp C to deliver the goods. On this sprawling set of gangsta-crunk tracks, the Texas-based rapper delivers more unflinching, sinister tales from the ghetto ... Full Descriptionover dizzying, southern-fried beats. The impressive array of contributors--including Ludacris, Too Short, Ying Yang Twins, Scarface, and Mike Jones--adds even more star power to an already top-notch production.

Personnel: Bun B; Jazzy Pha, Juvenile, Lil Jon, Mannie Fresh, Mddl Fngz, Mike Jones , Paul Wall , Pimp C, Scarface, T.I., Too $hort, Young Jeezy, Z-Ro, Lil' Flip, Devin The Dude, Petty Pueblo, Slim Thugg.

1. Inauguration, The
2. Bun
3. Get Throwed - (featuring Z-Ro/Pimp C/Young Jeezy/Jay-Z)
4. Draped Up - (with Lil' KeKe)
5. I'm Fresh - (featuring Mannie Fresh)
6. Trill Recognize Trill - (with Ludacris)
7. Pushin - (with Scarface)
8. I'm Ballin - (featuring Jazzy Pha)
9. What I Represent (UGK)
10. Story, The
11. Hold U Down - (featuring Trey Songz/Mike Jones/Baby)
12. I'm a "G" - (featuring T.I.)
13. Git It - (with Ying Yang Twins)
14. Story, The
15. Retaliation Is a Must - (with Mddl Fngz)
16. Draped up (H-Town Mix) - (featuring The H-Town All Starz)
17. Late Night Creepin - (with Skinhead Rob)

download link:

Bun B - Drapped Up (H-Town All Stars Remix)

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - T.H.U.G.S.

Uniting 13 unreleased group tracks that Bone Thugs-N-Harmony have recorded over their career since their 1994 debut, T.H.U.G.S. provides a sort of subsurface overview of the crew's journey. Rough-edged and less polished than the tracks that ... Full Descriptionsaw light on their major label releases, the cuts that make up this compilation lack a concern for mass appeal and thus see the Bone MCs coming with stunning lyrical aggression. Highlights include "Unstoppable," "Don't Waste My Time," and "Remember Yesterday."

1. T.H.U.G.S.
2. Unstoppable
3. Nation of Thugs
4. Wildin'
5. Not That Ni**A
6. Bone Thug Soldier
7. I'm Bone
8. Sweet Jane
9. Everyday Thugs
10. Don't Waste My Time
11. Young Thugs
12. Remember Yesterday
13. So Many Places

download link:

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Wildin'

Bizzy Bone - Ruthless

Bizzy Bone keeps busy with another tight solo project on Siccness Records, RUTHLESS. Bizzy sprays his fevered, high-speed rhymes over a bevy of gangsta tracks that range between hard bass thump, up-tempo club bangers, and laidback, smoky neo-G-Funk. ... Full DescriptionRUTHLESS features production work by Cricet, Batkave, Dave Moss, and Steve Vicious as well as guest appearances from Layzie Bone, Pitbull, and Rick Ross.

1. Intro (Layzie Dedication)
2. That's How - (with Pitbull)
3. Its 19 99
4. Fuck da World
5. Gangsta
6. Get Bizzy
7. Hoodtails - (with Rick Ross)
8. Ready 4 War
9. Get High
10. Uptown Downtown
11. 4 da Ladies
12. Rollercoaster

download link:

Bizzy Bone - It's 1999

Baby Beesh And SPM Presents: Savage Dreams

Baby Beesh's first album for the Houston-based Dope House imprint finds him mixing his Latin-inflected West Coast flow with Dirty South beats and flavor, courtesy of his new Texan friends. The result is quite effective. Originally from the Bay Area, Beesh was a protégé of legendary Hispanic MC Kid Frost (aka Frost). The influence is apparent in his smooth style, but Beesh doesn't let his heritage dominate Savage Dreams. Rather than make his solo debut a "Latino rap album," it is mostly a Dirty South record, full of the leering boasts and skittering beats that typify the genre. "Whodoo" is a fabulous introduction, giving Beesh space to boast about his ability to party with anyone in a car with beats you can hear 14 blocks away. "Watch How Quick" is straight-up West Coast, but "Nana Tonight" is more typical of the album's Dirty South vibe. "Nice ta Meet Ya" and "Cool Tonight," with their soulful choruses, are likely intended to have crossover potential. But it's "Too Many Things"' flirtation with pop structure that will likely appeal to a wider audience. Savage Dreams is not necessarily intended as a crossover record; indeed, the majority of its 19 tracks are delightfully raunchy tributes to Beesh and his crew's lovemaking prowess and insatiable appetite for marijuana. But the album's lighter moments illustrate well the MC's multi-genre appeal, and suggest that, while Dope House and Dirty South are the current names in his game, Baby Beesh has the talent to take his flow anywhere he wants it go.

1. Hoo Doo - (with Baby Beesh)
2. Quarterback - (with Baby Beesh, featuring Mr. Kee)
3. How Quick - (with Baby Beesh)
4. NRG - (with Baby Beesh, featuring SPM/Rasheed)
5. Nice Ta Meet Ya - (with Baby Beesh)
6. Too Many Things - (with Baby Beesh, featuring Grimm)
7. Who Wanna Creep - (with Baby Beesh)
8. Na Na Tonight - (with Baby Beesh)
9. Blowin on Fire - (with Baby Beesh)
10. Brain - (with Baby Beesh, featuring Lucjky)
11. So Pronto - (with Baby Beesh, featuring Grimm/SPM/Rasheed)
12. Already - (with Baby Beesh, featuring Traviesio)
13. Cool Tonight - (with Baby Beesh, featuring Merciless)
14. Styrofoam Cup - (with Baby Beesh, featuring Grimm/Ikeman/Villain)
15. Woo Woo - (with Baby Beesh)
16. Crossing Game - (with Baby Beesh, featuring Frost/JT/Sneak/BR)
17. Whupani - (with Baby Beesh, featuring Dum Dum)
18. If Your Nana Get Wet - (with Baby Beesh)
19. Come on Now - (with Baby Beesh, featuring Don Cisco)

download link:

Baby Beesh - Styrofoam Cup

A Tribe Called Quest - Beats, Rhymes & Life

BEATS, RHYMES AND LIFE was nominated for a 1997 Grammy Award for Best Rap Album. "1nce Again" was nominated for a 1997 Grammy for Best Rap Performance By A Duo Or Group. A Tribe Called Quest seem to grow, both musically and lyrically, ... Full Descriptionwith every LP, constantly setting standards for other rappers to follow. But they rarely stray from their chosen path. Since their 1990 debut, hip-hop has gone through numerous phases (new jack swing, gangster, hardcore), but the Tribe have remained focused on the music's true elements: BEATS, RHYMES AND LIFE. Produced by The Ummah, which consists of the Tribe's Q-Tip and Ali Shaheed Muhammad along with newcomer Jay Dee, BEATS, RHYMES AND LIFE sports the usual jazzy beats, and reintroduces Tribe as the all-around hip-hop group. Muhammad's use of funky samples, Phife's self-satisfying attitude, and Q-Tip's abstract poetry are only part of the reason why the trio keeps rap music on lockdown. There are other bands capable of experimenting with new sounds while delivering lyrical positivism, but they often forget how to simply rock the crowd. A Tribe Called Quest does that, too. Recorded at Battery Studios, New York, New York.

1. Phony Rappers
2. Get a Hold
3. Motivators
4. Jam
5. Crew
6. Pressure, The
7. 1nce Again - (featuring Tammy Lucas)
8. Mind Power
9. Hop, The
10. Keep It Moving
11. Baby Phife's Return
12. Separate/Together
13. What Really Goes On
14. Word Play
15. Stressed Out - (featuring Faith Evans)

download link:

A Tribe Called Quest - 1nce Again

8Ball & MJG - Riding High

The intro features Diddy, so skip that. The first track is "Relax And Take Notes" which was their first single off of this album, it features Notorious B.I.G. & Project Pat. The hook is sampled from Biggie and the beat is has some low brass in it and it hits real hard. "Ridin High" doesnt really sound like your typical 8Ball & MJG song, its like some Atlanta booty shakin shit that you hear in the club. It's fast paced and has Diddy talkin throughout it. I cant endorse this track, OK, now we're talkin godamnit! "Turn Up The Bump" has one of the best beats I've heard in a while. It's some sort of synthesizer coupled with a tight ass bassline. 8Ball & MJG both drop some real tight verses on here. Three 6 Mafia & 112 is featured on "Cruzin", this is one of those summer jam type tracks. The type of shit that you just roll to and pay your respects to Bob Marley or chill with your girl. "Whatchu Gonna Do" features Pimp C. The beat is a little plain, it's got some hand claps and "Hey...Hey" in the background throughout the whole song. But it dont matter, it just highlights the verses from these 3 legends. "30 Rocks" sounds similar to some early 90's Memphis shit. If you love that old underground style, you will love this song. The hook is sampled and screwed. I almost blew my speakers on this song. Trust me, turn it up!!! The only downfall is that Piddy is featured on this song. Fortunately he has the last verse, so just rewind it after Ball & MJG's verse. Killer Mike is featured on "Runnin Out Of Bud" The song has a pimpin / buck feel to it. A little like a UGK song, it was produced by Gorilla Tek and is bumpin as hell. "Alcohol Pussy Weed" has a re-godamn-diculous beat on it. That shit is fuckin tight. I try not to cuss much in my reviews, but I'm sorry, that's how tight it is. The hook is really lame though, its just "Alcohol, Pussy & Weed" being repeated. It was produced by Diddy & Mario Winans...What?? Props on that. "Worldwide" is yet another tight, buck song. It's a fight song, just listening to it put me in a mean mood. I love it. "Take It Off" is self-explanitory, so let myself explain it to you. It's basically a chick song. I usually hate these with a passion. But this one is actually not that bad, in fact it's tight. It features Poo Bear on the chorus. 8Ball & MJG drop some nice verses on here. Memphian legend Al Kapone is featured on "Memphis" which has a little bit of underground Memphis feel to it, it's filled with organs and a gang of hi-hats. It's a reflective type of song that'll bring back memories for some. Some other bangin songs are "Clap On", "Pimpin Dont Fail Me Now", "Hickory Dickory Dock", The synthesizer heavy "Get Low" and the metal infused "Stand Up" Before listening to this album I was expecting it to be pretty tight, after listening to it, I know I'll be bumpin it in my ride for at least a month straight. 8Ball & MJG delivered an instant classic with "Ridin High" It's a Must own.

1. Intro
2. Relax and Take Notes - (with Project Pat/Notorious B.I.G.)
3. Ridin' High
4. Turn up the Bump
5. Cruzin' - (with Three 6 Mafia/Slim of 112)
6. Whatchu Gonna Do - (with Pimp C)
7. 30 Rocks - (with Diddy)
8. BL*W J*B Interlude
9. Hickory Dickory Dock
10. Runnin' Out of Bud - (with Killer Mike)
11. Clap On - (with Yung Joc)
12. Alcohol P***Y W**D
13. Pimpin' Interlude
14. Pimpin' Don't Fail Me Now - (with Juvenile/Jazze Pha)
15. Worldwide
16. Take It Off - (with Poo Bear)
17. Memphis - (with Al Kapone)
18. Get Low
19. Stand Up

download link:

8Ball & MJG - Relax And Take Notes

Tha Dogg Pound - Dogg Food

Before the release of tha Dogg Pound's debut album, Dogg Food, various conservative organizations attacked the record for being exceedingly violent and vulgar, pressuring Warner Bros. not to release the album. Not only did the company agree, it also sold off all of its interests in Interscope Records. Of course, that didn't stop the album from being released -- Interscope signed a distribution deal with Priority Records. It's ironic that Dogg Food caused so much controversy, because, musically, the album is a very conservative piece of gangsta rap. Essentially, Dogg Food is the third rewrite of Dr. Dre's The Chronic, following Snoop Doggy Dogg's Doggystyle and the Murder Was the Case soundtrack. Even though Dr. Dre is only listed as an executive producer, his influence is all over the album, as Dat Nigga Daz faithfully reproduces all of the elements of Dre's trademark G-funk style -- slow, loping beats, deep, elastic rhythms, the occasional wail from a female singer, and layers of cheap, whiny synthesizers.

1. Intro
2. Dogg Pound Gangstaz
3. Respect
4. New York, New York
5. Smooth - (featuring Snoop Doggy Dogg)
6. Cyco-Lic-No - (featuring Mr. Malik)
7. Ridin', Slipin' and Slidin'
8. Big Pimpin 2
9. Let's Play House - (featuring Michel'le)
10. I Don't Like to Dream About Gettin Paid - (featuring Nate Dogg)
11. Do What I Feel - (featuring Rage)
12. If We All ---
13. Some Bomb Azz -----
14. Doggz Day Afternoon, A
15. Reality
16. One by One
17. Sooo Much Style

download link:

lunes, 6 de octubre de 2008

Fugees (Tranzlator Crew) - Blunted On Reality

In my opinion this eclipses The Score, though the latter shouldn’t be ignored by any means. Blunted exposes Clef’s Haitian- Caribbean roots with all the brilliant dancehall/hip hop fused tracks. High energy, ruff rhymes and beats, killer guitar arrangements, and Jamaican ragga toasting dominate this album. I recommend this to any Wyclef/Fugee fan, or to any dancehall or hip hop enthusiast.

01. Introduction -
02. Nappy Heads -
03. Blunted on Reality -
04. Recharge -
05. Freestyle Interlude -
06. Vocab -
07. Special News Bulletin Interlude -
08. Boof Baf -
09. Temple -
10. How Hard Is It? -
11. Harlem Chit Chat Interlude -
12. Some Seek Stardom -
13. Gigles -
14. Da Kid From Haiti Interlude -
15. Refugees on the Mic -
16. Living Like There Ain´t No Tomorrow -
17. Shout Outs From The Block -
18. Nappy Heads (remix)

download link:

Fugees (Tranzlator Crew) - Napphy Heads (Remix)

The Beatnuts - Stone Crazy

When STONE CRAZY was released in the summer of ´97, it seemed like an eternity since The Beatnuts had put out an album. In reality it had only been three years and it was not like the group hadn´t been busy. They´d done a good portion of production on Fashion aka Al Tariq´s GOD CONNECTIONS. There were also remixes, tracks for other artists and two break beat LPs: PSYCHO BEATS on the Opposition label and Volume 5 of the HYDRA BEATS series. Plus Juju had been working with VIC as The Ghetto Pros, putting out singles for Brick City Kids and Black Attack on their Ghetto Gold Imprint. Nevertheless, at the time it seemed like a new LP was never going to come out, plus Fash had also split so the Nuts were now just a duo. Finally a new Beatnuts track did appear on Relativity´s URBAN ASSAULT mixtape. "Find That" was a dark and ominous song, the beat more minimal and sinister than their previous efforts, yet the hook was damn catchy and things looked promising. Then "Do You Believe" was released and again a more serious tone, absent of the humor that had been a common Beatnuts factor. Within months, STONE CRAZY was in stores and for me it was initially a disappointment. After waiting three plus years, the album seemed short, absent of the jazz vibe that was so much a part of the first album and EP, and while some songs still possessed the bizarre comedy of previous efforts, overall the album was more bare bones and tough and thugged out. However, looking at it now, the album is a superb follow up, full of some of The Beatnuts´ most underrated material and showcasing just how versatile they are as beat makers. "Off The Books" is the first of many club bangers that would follow and it´s still hard to believe that such an awesome loop came from an Electric Company record. Big Pun and Cuban Link also bring heat to the track. "Strokes" and "Here´s A Drink" are incredibly catchy as well, the former an obligatory sex tale and the latter freaking a sample from Tribe´s "1nce Again". At the time, some cried foul at the use of Patrice Rushen´s "Forget Me Nots" on "Give Me The Ass" as an obvious attempt at radio play. However, compared to how Will Smith jacked it on "Men In Black" that same summer, what the Nuts do with it is pure sampling genius. Like many albums of this era, Psycho and Juju also sample both Galt MacDermot and David Axelod. Axe is especially well used on the "World Famous Intro" and "N***** Know". "Uncivilized" and "Supa Supreme" are also solid efforts, and "Thinkin´ Bout Cash" benefits from an appearance by Screwball. However, the best song on the album - hands down - is the title track. Not only is the beat incredible, but it features the perfect mixture of the Nuts´ sick humor and horror. "Gunning down Barney Miller" and the muffled sounds of "Your mother sucks c**k" are just some of the ill lines scattered throughout the song. At the end they sing "and around and around and around we go", leaving me to imagine the guys stoned out of their minds, skipping like children through some sort of mega blood bath. The operative word in the title of the song and the album is indeed CRAZY, as although it´s impossible to doubt the genius behind their beats, STONE CRAZY more than any of their other albums, leaves one with the nagging suspicion that they indeed may be mad geniuses. Head nodding and unnerving all at the same time. Now that´s a combination.

1. World Famous / Intro
2. Bless the M.I.C. - (featuring Gab Gacha aka General Gaza)
3. Intermission
4. Here's a Drink
5. Off the Books - (featuring Big Punisher/Cuban Link)
6. Be Proud / Interlude
7. Do You Believe?
8. Finger Smoke
9. Stone Crazy
10. Niggaz Know
11. Horny Horns
12. Find That
13. Supa Supreme
14. Thinkin' Bout Cash - (featuring Hostile/Poet Of Screwball)
15. Uncivilized - (featuring Don Gobbi)
16. Give Me Tha Ass
17. Strokes - (featuring Horny Man)

download link:

The Beatnuts - Do You Believe

domingo, 5 de octubre de 2008

Point Blank - Bas Newz Travel Fast

Point Blank joined the S.P.C. in 1990. He has been a solo artist from day one. He released his first cd in 1992 "Prone To Bad Dreams" on Big Tyme Records. Since then he has dropped 3 more cd's and Blank has been one of the hardest rappers in the click. His other releases are: (Mad At The World, In Tha Do', and Bad Newz Travels Fast). Point Blank also formed a group called "Wreckless Klan" and then released a self titled cd under that name. 'The Wreckless Klan" is a collaboration with PSK-13, and Ice Lord. Point Blank is also responsible for releasing the CD "Sentimental Value" by the late DJ Screw. Blank's new cd is due out late 2003. He also just started a new label "Wreckless Entertainment." Point Blank has several releases slated for the near future including "Point Blank", "The Bull" and "Just When You Thought It Was Safe"

01 Point Blank - Bull
02 Point Blank - It's Been A Long Time (Featuring K.J. Screw & Jessica)
03 Point Blank - Southside Groovin (Featuring King T, Psk-13)
04 Point Blank - High With Tha Blanksta (Featuring Flex,Zero,Black,C-Loc,3-2,Big Moe & Psk-13)
05 Point Blank - Ghetto (Featuring Icelord, Bun B UGK & Levi Rasta)
06 Point Blank - Mr. Playa (Featuring Icelord,Bun B Of UGK & Levi Rasta)
07 Point Blank - Uncut Phya (Introducing Klanzmen)
08 Point Blank - Pimp C Skit
09 Point Blank - Pussy Callin (Starring Wreckless Klan)
10 Point Blank - Just Joking (Featuring Youngstar)
11 Point Blank - Street Theactrics
12 Point Blank - R U Ready 2 Die
13 Point Blank - If The World Was (Featuring Lil Ke Ke & Klondile Kat)
14 Point Blank - I Wish (Featuritng Psk-13)
15 Point Blank - It Wasn't Me
16 Point Blank - Hustlin All I Can Do (Featuring Godfather,Zero & C-Note Of The Botany Boyz)
17 Point Blank - Slipped Int A Coma Pt.2 (Featuring Icelord,DBX,KB,& Lil Flea, Street Military,K
18 Point Blank - Snippet Stolen From Bad Newz 2000 'My Mind Went Blank'

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Z-Ro & point Blank - Strugglin' To Change

viernes, 3 de octubre de 2008

Mase - Harlem World

Bad Boy recording artist Mase made his debut on Puff Daddy's "Can't Nobody Hold Me Down" single, and since then it has been nothing but success for the Harlem-born rap star. His unhurried delivery and uncomplicated lyrics are the hallmarks of his unique style. On HARLEM WORLD, Mase proves that there's more to quality hip-hop than mile-a-minute rapping and hard-core beats.

The tracks on HARLEM WORLD are instantly accessible, as most of the songs use samples that listeners will be familiar with. Mase's first single "Feels So Good" reinvents Kool & The Gang's "Hollywood Swingin'," while "Love U So" samples Teena Marie's "Square Biz." With Puffy in his corner, Mase's first at-bat can't help but dominate the hip-hop arena.

1. Puff's Intro
2. Do You Wanna Get $? - (featuring Puff Daddy)
3. Take What's Yours - (featuring DMX)
4. Mad Rapper (Interlude)
5. Will They Die 4 You? - (featuring Puff Daddy/Lil' Kim)
6. Lookin' at Me - (featuring Puff Daddy)
7. White Girl (Interlude)
8. Love U So - (featuring Billy Lawrence)
9. Player Way, The - (featuring Eightball/MJG)
10. Hater (Interlude)
11. Niggaz Wanna Act - (featuring Busta Rhymes)
12. Feel So Good
13. What You Want - (featuring Total)
14. Phone Conversation (Interlude)
15. Cheat on You - (featuring Lil' Cease/Jay-Z)
16. 24 Hrs. To Live - (featuring The Lox/Black Rob/DMX)
17. I Need to Be - (featuring Monifah)
18. Watch Your Back (Interlude)
19. Wanna Hurt Mase?

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Mase - Lookin' At Me

Chrome - Project Landlord

Following his debut album, Straight To The Pros, Chrome shows once again that his flow mixes perfectly with the beats provided by DJ Paul and Juicy J, on this album he has more time to prove that he isn't no one-hit-wonder, but taht he is here to stay and to keep helping the south to maintain its status, if you liked his previews work, you are going to like this one.

1. Intro
2. Get My Money Right
3. She Fine
4. Cocaine And Robbin
5. My 4 Rules
6. Scared Of Nobody
7. Mr. Mack
8. Brick House
9. DxS Talk
10. Big Wheels
11. Foul Mouth
12. Family First
13. Pimp Da Bitch
14. If You Scared
15. Drugs
16. Outro

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Chrome - Drugs